Exhibits will be an important part of the Oulu Cultural and Heritage Center focus. At this time,the center is developing a plan and prioritizing exhibit development.

In addition, items and information are being gathered to begin the process. Cataloging the materials on hand is also a necessary next step. However, the list below suggests just some of the planned exhibits.
  • Oulu families ( Possibly focusing on one homesteader or residents family tree and story at a time)
  • Oulu community leaders
  • Schools
  • Gitchee Gumee 4-H
  • Oulu’s Churches
  • Logging in Oulu
  • Dairy farming
Oulu Industries/businesses:
  • Linds-generations of well drilling
  • Pudas’-log buildings
  • Oulu Glass
  • Oulu Creamery
  • Strawberry farms
  • Artists & Musicians
  • 100 years of Oulu baseball
  • Oulu cooperatives
  • Military contributions and local military heros
  • The Finnish immigrant story
  • Being a child in early Oulu: At work and play

It’s probably obvious that help will be necessary. If you would like to volunteer or contribute in any way, your fellow Oulu history buffs will be most appreciative.
If you have ideas or questions-or would like to help in any way- feel free to contact us.