Old, but New!

That’s what might be said about the Oulu Cultural and Heritage Center located in the township of Oulu, in far northern Wisconsin.

In the summer of 2014, the new center opened on a limited schedule to showcase and preserve over a century of Oulu history.

The center complex includes two century-plus year old homes, a traditional Finnish sauna, a one room schoolhouse, and other outbuildings characteristic of the two primary settlement periods in early Oulu history.

Adjacent to the Palo Homestead site is the reconstructed 1899 log home from the John Pudas federal homestead. In the early 1900s, the Pudas home was the gathering place for many Oulu community and religious activities, until the time that such public buildings were built.

The facility is presently in the process of completion.
Future plans include regular visitor hours to view exhibits and do genealogical research.

In addition, future educational programs will be available for all ages. They will include school programs that reinforce Wisconsin school curriculum, day camps for youth, and pioneer arts and crafts workshops for all ages.